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Life Giving Seeds™
brings you ALL NATURAL and SAFE PRODUCTS without harmful side effects.*
The foundation of our products are found in the hull or outer shells of a flax seed
which contains powerful antioxidants called Lignans.*  Our Max Flax™ which is found in all our products is the highest concentrate on the market.* Your Immune System is the BEST fight against any disease or brain function and our products super-charge your immune system. Our proprietary source is the only product that has been mechanically separated without heat, chemicals, or solvents and maintains the richest source of SDG and lignans unlike ground, whole, or Flax oil.* (For example, you would need to take an enormous amount of flax and other ingredients to equal our concentrate found only in our products.*) Our propriety process is the only process that maintains the highest and purest lignans content.*  We manufacture in a FDA facility as well as source our ingredients standardized through HLPC testing.  We are the number one source.*

While all our products help with overall health our specific products are beneficial for targeting all types of cancers, depression, anxiety, inflammation, diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS, intestinal issues, acne, ADHD, kidney problems, menopause, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, UTI, Osteoporosis, intestinal problems, Crohn’s disease, joint pain, arthritis, heartburn, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, menstrual problems, fever, infections, ulcers, cholesterol, and heart disease.*  Our lignans contains cancer fighting Secoisolariciresinol Glucoside (SDG), 16 other powerful lignans and high levels of Omega-3s.* 

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